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Date | time 10/5/2015 4:05 PM | Meeting called to order by George Stooks

In Attendance

Present: George Stooks (SUNY Geneseo), Barry McHugh (University of Rochester), Tim Cary (Ithaca College), Mike LaPoint (Nazerath), Nazrin Parvizi (SUNY Cortland), John McEnrue(SUNY New Paltz), Kimberly Nelson(SUNY New Paltz), Rex Giardine (Syracuse University), Andrew Germain (Cornell Univesity), Paul Wurster (Monroe Community College), Masoom Ali (Cornell University), John Moore (Rochester Institute of Technology), Kevin Thompson (SUNY Buffalo), Jennifer ByBee (Guest), Dereck Sylvester (Guest), Jim Chodah (Guest)

Opening Welcomes and Remarks

George Stooks opened the meeting at 4:05 pm with introductions of all present

Acceptance of Meeting Minutes

Minutes accepted. Proposed to except by John Moore, 2nd by Barry McHugh, Approved.

NYAPPA Board Members

Board Positions and Committee Assignments
NYAPPA Committee Chairs (Also serve on ERAPPA Committee where noted *)

  •  Chapter Affairs (NYAPPA President *)
  • Membership – George Stooks*
  • Technology – John Moore*
  • Scholarship – Kevin Thompson
  • Professional Development – open*

Board Positions and Elections
(Current President and Past President)
Proposed Slate –

  • President – Barry McHugh
  • 1st Vice President –open

Positions in Mid-term

  • 2nd Vice President – John McEnrue
  • Treasurer – Mike LaPoint
  • Secretary – Kim Nelson
  • George described each position’s duties as per the By-Laws.
  • We all are part of the professional development
  • John McEnrue stepping down from the Membership committee.
  • Discussion of John Moore stepping in to the Membership Committee in John McEnrue’s place

 * 1 time per month conference call w.ERAPPA and meeting in March and October conferences

  • Expenses for committee and board members are covered
  • John McEnrue described the Membership Committee duties
  • Elections were not held at the summer meeting and Nazrine proposed that we vote in President elect Barry McHugh from 2nd President to 1st President and John Moore 2nd, unanimous.

Treasurers Report

Mike LaPoint reported the treasury outlook.  Final net worth as of Oct 2015 $ 200,890.62

Chapter Affairs Committee Report

George Stooks presented report

  • Mid-year meeting March 16-19 in Niagara Falls, Ontario
  • Changes: Chairs need to be on site Wednesday
  • Open position on ERAPPA Committees: Technology, Professional Development, and Chapter Affairs

Committee Reports

Memberships (John McEnrue)

  • Describe what the committee duties are.
  • Everyone can join for free. Under the “Integrated Institutional Membership”program. (If your campus is a member of APPA you are then members of the regional and state chapters.
  • George threw his hat in to take the chair of membership, Barry 2nd, unanimous

Technology (Barry McHugh)

  • Stopped with Oglsence for the time being because of software bugs and financial bugs that the company is working through.  Will continue when they are ready.

Professional Development (Rex Giardine)

  • Rex described what the committee duties are and would like to add helpers that will assist during the summer conference that will then be able to assist for the ERAPPA Conference when NYAPPA chapter hosts.
  • Rex offered a Drive-in with Tony Ditolio at SUNY Potsdam. Currently working on AIA credits
  • Any Drive-Ins developed Rex can send in for AIA credits.
  •  Leverage business partners for drive- in workshops. They can sponsor lunch and organize.
  • Leverage their knowledge and abilities to teach at the drive ins. Program like AIA guidelines.

Supervisors Tool Kit (Barry McHugh)

  • 2 Toolkit trainers are available from Rochester to teach in the area. Would like to develop more.
  • Looking to form a committee or leader for Toolkit teachers.  Looking to develop more teachers outside of Rochester.

Scholarships (Nazrin Parvizi)

  • Certified Education Facilities Professionals (CEFP) scholarships offered on line? Is this possible for NYAPPA to have on line scholarships too?

Old Business

Business partners (All)

  • Update NYAPPA website to reflect current Officers and Executive Board.
  • Merging SUNY/PPAA and NYAPPA
  • Close to 501c3

Next Meeting

 January 25, 2016 in Cooperstown, NY
Motion to adjourn at 5:04 pm by George Stooks

NYAPPA Board Meeting Agenda
Monday, June 16, 2014
Ithaca, NY


  • Welcome and Introductions as needed.  None needed     
  • Approval of the meeting minutes from the Fall meeting. 
  • Treasure’s report- (Mark Frost) Attached Reports ( Attachment 1 and Attachment 2).  Mark had serious medical issue in April which left him unavailable for a long period.  The audit was in this time and it was postponed.  Back full time now and doing well.

Mark went through all of the records to account for the $$ that came in or out from the ERAPPA Conference. Accounting sheet is attached to the minutes.  Scholarships were absorbed mostly by NYAPPA.  The ERAPPA Scholarships were reported to be burdened on the Business Partner revenue.  Travel for board members was also not included in the conference expenses, it was deemed a NYAPPA board expense.

    • regular treasurer reports – Mark presented the report: summary info for June 2013 to end of May 2014.  Receipts 493,448 Checking and 150,225 savings.  Expenses 644,398 Checking.  Liabilities 0.  Balance as of $54,976 Checking and $255,289 for a total of $310,265.  This was before the check went to ERAPPA (150,000).  Income vs Expense report.   Balance Sheet:  Total Assets $365,701,  Liabilities $0.  Good financial condition going forward for the next 9 years.  Tax returns are in progress.  We will need to discuss how and how much to invest to ensure liquid assets for operation.
    • conference finances & audit – Mark provided a breakdown.  Actual Revenue was 837,738.  Budget was 844,925.  Expenses Actual total was 532,371; Budget was 544,900.  Balance was a net gain of 305,068.  Our half is 152,368.  ERAPPA received a check for their 150,000.  ERAPPA will receive the balance after this audit is fully complete.  Waiting for the formal audit report.
    • tax return time.  In progress.

Accepted Report: Barry, Bob.  Unanimously Approved.

  • Update on Grounds Up Conference (Bob Britton)
    • Difficult this time.  Not as many as when at Cornell Gardens, 36 people registered.  Wanted more.  Oswego sent 11 of the 36.  Should be good.
    • 4 Business Partners.  Quoted at 70 people attending.  With the low number we should reduce the rate.  The Business Partners only have an hour.  $550 reducing to $300.  Approved.
    • Good program with hand-on training in the garden.
    • Tough time of the year.  May want to reconsider for the future years.


  • NYAPPA Board: (George)
    • Open board positions and committee appointments.  Question about positions on the board?  Alternates are Kim Nelson, Tom Rathbone, Greg Lischke, Kevin Thompson.  Need 4 more.  Also 2 more director positions.  Current Directors are Masoon, Bob, Rex, Mike, John Schupe. KYU Whang.

Paul Wooster from MCC is interested.
Consider to move two Alternates to Directors and recruit additional alternate directors.

  • Motion to move Greg and Kevin to Director by Kyu and Nasrin.  Unanimously approved.  Current Directors are Masoon Ali, Bob Britton, Rex Gardine, Mike LaPoint, Kyu Whang, Kevin Thompson, Greg Lischke, John Schupe.
  • Motion to confirm Bridgette as a director and move John Schupe to Alternate Director.  Barry, Greg.  Unanimously Approved.   Current Directors are Masoon Ali, Bob Britton, Rex Gardine, Mike LaPoint, Kyu Whang, Kevin Thompson, Greg Lischke, Bridgette Anderson.
  • We need to recruit new members for the Alternate Director positions.  Need to determine actual names as current???/?
    • Representation for the ERAPPA Membership committee.  Jeff Foster has asked to step down as the Membership Committee member.  Volunteers were requested.  John McEnrue volunteered and appointed by the President.
  • ERAPPA Committees updates:
    •  Chapter Affairs (George) – Completed fact in January.  Newsletter is due in August.
      • Chapter Fact Sheet- Completed January 2014
      • Chapter Newsletter – Due Date? August also…..
      • Chapter Annual Report – August 1st
      • Chapter Champion- Need a nominee by August 1st.  George will send a description via email to solicit nominees.
    • Membership (Jeff)  No report.  John McEnrue has stepped as rep.
    • Technology (Barry) – Issues with the email.  Website is JUMA and is having some issues.  ERAPPA IT has converted by NY.  We lucked out.  Looking for Web Designs at UofR classes. Need for the NYAPPA web site to be updated.  Barry will pursue the web design avenue.
    • Professional Development (Rex) – Atlantic City is progressing.  Registration is slow.  Nothing new going on right now.  No participation for the SUNY/NYAPPA summer conference was requested.


  • Scholarship:  (Kevin):  Not much effort at this point.  Are we offering a scholarship for ERAPPA Conference?  REGISTRATION IS OPEN as of June 1.  Barry provided applications forms to the group,  (attachment 3).  Recommendation to offer 10 scholarships for the ERAPPA Conference ($595) using the form as provided, with awarded concept for limited to one per school.  Motion by Kevin, Nasrin.  Unanimously Accepted.
    • Scholarship:  Board voted to continue a resolution from last year to support NYAPPA Board Members to attend the ERAPPA conferences with up to $795 toward expenses.  This is completed as a reimbursement.


  • Old Business:  (All)
    • Updating website:  See Technology section
    • Business Partners / Corporate Affiliate Members:  George discussed in Chapter Affairs and it was all over the board with how it is done.  Jersey requires memberships.  Also SUNY PPAA will not do corporate members.  Our offers it but not specific.  Conversation was tabled and will be continued at a conference call soon.  Need to research what the SUNY objection is.
    • Recruitment / Chapter promotional efforts

Next meeting:  Via Conference Call.  

NYAPPA Board Meeting Minutes
March 14, 2013
Rochester, NY

Attendees:   B. McHugh, M. LaPoint, N, Parvizi, G. Lischke, R. Giardine, J. Shupe, R, Britton, J. Foster, D. Foster, K. Nelson, J. Moore, K. Whang, G. Stooks, K. Thompson, J. McEnrue.
Absent:  B. Anderson, M. Frost.
Guest:  M. Cimilluca

Agenda and Discussion

  1. Welcome.
  2. Bus trip to Artisan Works:  worked out details on who was driving and who was on the bus.
  3. Treasure’s report:  Mark had forwarded a copy, all reviewed. 
  4. Meeting Minutes:   Philly in fall. Vote to pass John/Jeff ok/passed
  5. Meeting minutes:  Poughkeepsie in July.  Vote to pass Barry/John ok/passed
  6. Meeting minutes:  Cooperstown October. Vote to pass Kyu/Greg ok/passed.
  7. NYAPPA Board Openings:   discussed  how to fill the open positions all reviewed and asked for nominations, results John McEnrue to 2VP  Vote to pass Nasrin/Jeff ok/passed.

Treasurer – Mark will stay on through the convention. Secretary – John Moore, Vote to pass Nasrin/George ok/passed.   Vote to directors – Kyu Whang, John McEnrue, Mike LaPoint, and Vote to pass Nasrin/Jeff ok/passed.   Alternates – Kevin Thompson, Kim Nelson Nasrin appointed and welcomed them to the board. Greg and Maria already agreed and have been appointed.
Action needed: Barry agreed in place of Sec. to post the new officers; 2nd VP and Secretary on web and inform members for election in the fall meeting prior to May 1st according to the Bylaws.

  1. By-Laws: No updates per Barry.
  2. ERAPPA Committees updates:

Chapter Affairs:  Nasrin reported that committee has conf. calls on monthly basis, the ERAPPA strategic Plan is being reviewed.  Main items are Scholarship policies, Business Partners polices and marketing.
Membership – Jeff, need to piggyback with the Drive-in Training. Rex, had 40 attend his drive in training need to look for other locations within the state. Need AIA credit classes as well.
Pro Dev – Rex, we need to partner with vendors like other chapters do.  Barry, use NJ as the model.
Tech – Barry, Facebook and Twitter will be removed from ERAPPA and only LinkedIn will be used.

  1. ERAPPA 2013 update:  Barry/George – we have sold 76 booths 27 to go.  Finance to date is good.  Rex, we need demo graphs from ERAPPA, Yvonne will get. There was a good deal of discussion about the selecting the tracks for the Annual Meeting to be reviewed by the ERAPPA Professional development Committee during next couple of days at the MYM. The Host committee has finalized the choices. 2 hour slot SUNY track should be long enough Monday 3-5pm.
  2. Scholarship/grants:  Barry provided a draft policy and needed few action items;
    1. What will be a cap per scholarship previously was $1500. Nasrin to review this with Mark
    2. Selecting the Scholarship Committee and prepare the application form: Kevin, Jeff, John and Barry agreed to serve as committee and provide the form to be voted via email or conf. call by members.
    3. Any scholarship for the ERAPPA 2013 how many and how much; Nasrin to ask Mark about this
    4.  SUNY /PPAA will have 2 scholarships per campus (64 campuses up to 128).
    5.  NYAPPA Board members who need assistance to the conference NYAPPA will pay $750.


  1. New Business:  We need to advertise NYAPPA; all agreed Jeff to get a Banner for the convention and moving forward.   John requested to put looking into polices for Business Partners membership to NYAPPA  for the next meeting
  2. Next meeting this summer (July) in Rochester
  3. Adorned.

Minutes taken and submitted by B. McHugh


NYAPPA Meeting Minutes Winter Conference
January 31, 2011

Cooperstown, NY

Attendance: Jeff Foster, Mark Frost, Bob Britton, Masoom Ali, John Shupe, Barry McHugh (minutes), George Stooks, Nasrin Parvizi, Tom Dryer.

Agenda and Discussion:

  1. Treasurer’s Report
  2. NYAPPA Board Opening – Jeff Foster / Bob Britton – Jim Pepe will retire November 2011 so Nasrin Parvizi has agreed to move up to the 1st Vice President position 6 months early that will leave the 2nd Vice President position open.  Mark Frost has declined to be considered for the position because of the complexity of the Treasurer’s position.  Bob and Jeff will comprise a list of secession and bring it to the board. Voted and past.
  3. ERAPPA 2013 hosted by NYAPPA – Yvonne Shaw, bti travel – Yvonne gave a presentation of the search committee’s review of all NY sites considered for the ERAPPA 2013 conference.  The two finalists were presentated in detail and the search committee’s final recommendation was Rochester NY.  Voted and past.  Jeff Foster nominated Barry McHugh and George Stooks as Co-chairs for the conference.  Voted and past.
  4. Web-site – Barry McHugh – the updated language changes for both the Constitution and Bi-Laws are now on the web-site for review.  A formal request and vote will take place at the summer conference.  A notice will be sent to all charter members 30 days prior to the July 12, 2011 meeting. Web-site cover page photos will now automatically connect you to that College/University’s web-site by clicking on the picture.  Jeff Foster will update the charter members of this new enhancement and ask for university marketing photos.
  5. Educational Opportunities – Jeff Foster – reviewed the success of Toolkit and working with SUNY PPA on joint opportunities in 2011 starting with the Batavia area.  Phillips Lighting Seminar was discussed for a spring educational class, Jeff and Barry will review and advise the board.
  6. List Serve – Tom Dryer – Tom supplied Barry with a hard copy and disc for all charter NYAPPA members, it needs to be reviewed and all changes must be in a formal request through Jeff Foster.
  7. Meeting schedule to date: Cooperstown re-scheduled for March 1st/2nd.  Summer Conference July 12th/13th/14th, 2011 Albany, Crowne Plaza. 
  8. Meeting adjourned, voted and past.


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